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What is Marriage?

​​The Definition of the Programme:

It is an awareness programme targeting those about to get married from men and women and their parents. This programme is the first preliminary step to raise the awareness of this category for the coming phase of life of establishing a new family and develop the participatory sense in family life, including taking their responsibilities towards it to encourage youth to get married. Besides, adhering to sustaining marriage since it is the source of the individual's stability and happiness. This is in order to contribute to building a stable and coherent family in the local community. The programme is implemented in all FDF centers through 2-hour awareness lectures series.


The Type of the Programme:

Preventive, awareness.



  • Equipping youth about to get married with the ability to take fateful decisions and make a stable family contributing to the society's development.
  • Preparing those about to get married for the transitional participatory phase in every young man and woman's life.
  • Deepening the concept of marriage to each young man and woman about to get married to be able to establish a successful marriage and a happy family.

    Implementation Mechanism:

    Awareness lectures.


    Targeted Category:

Adult young men and women (19-24 years old), and adult men and women (25- 35) years. 

Time Table:

AD center​​25/2/2019
AD center26/2/2019
AD center17/9/2019
AD center18/9/2019
AD gate Center4/3/2019
AD gate Center5/3/2019
AD gate Center24/9/2019
AD gate Center25/9/2019
Al wthba center18/2/2019
Al wthba center5/3/2019
Al wthba center14/10/2019
Al wthba center22/10/2019
Al shahama CEnter22/4/2019
Al shahama CEnter23/4/2019
Al shahama CEnter22/10/2019
Al shahama CEnter23/10/2019
Al Ain center15/4/2019
Al Ain center17/4/2019
Al Ain center25/9/2019
Al Ain center30/9/2019
Al hayer center16/4/2019
Al hayer center17/4/2019
Al hayer center14/10/2019

Remah Center

Remah Center29/4/2019
Remah Center5/11/2019
Al showib Center12/3/2019
Al showib Center25/4/2019
Al showib Center12/11/2019
Sweihan Center24/4/2019
Sweihan Center11/9/2019
Sweihan Center6/11/2019
Al wagan Center17/4/2019
Al wagan Center22/4/2019
Al wagan Center25/9/2019
Al daher Center19/2/2019
Al daher Center1/5/2019
Al daher Center16/10/2019
Al daher Center6/11/2019
Dalma Center22/4/2019
Dalma Center7/10/2019
Dalma Center8/10/2019
Dalma Center21/4/2019
Al marfa a Center25/6/2019
Al marfa a Center16/9/2019
Al marfa a Center23/9/2019
Geyathi Center25/2/2019
Geyathi Center29/4/2019
Geyathi Center23/9/2019
Geyathi Center13/11/2019
Al selaa CEnter17-9/10/2019
Zayed City Center16/10/2019
Zayed City Center6/11/2019​