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About fdf

The Educational Blessing of Home Programme

​The Definition of the Service:

Based on the FDF's vision and mission and interest fields of integrated and comprehensive support to the elderly, promoting their relations with their children, raising families' awareness about the advanced age's psychological, health, social and economic requirements and needs in a manner ensuring their integration in the society with the various age categories, providing them with a decent and secure life, Blessing of Home Programme has been designed. It aims to support decent social life for the elderly, adopt their rights, and promote the social responsibility and family role towards them to integrate them in the society. The targeted category of the programme is the elderly and their sitters from family members.


The Type of the Programme:

Preventative, awareness and developmental.



  • Enabling the elderly to accept ageing and providing them with adapting and adjusting skills that go in line with this stage in their lives.
  • Promoting the elderly's integration mechanisms in the social life with the various age categories.
  • Raising the morale of the council goers of retired and elderly people, renewing their energy and revitalizing them.
  • Providing the elderly's families with the necessary skills of dealing with the elderly.
  • Raising the family's awareness about the elderly psychological, health and social requirements and needs.


Implementation Mechanism:

Interactive training workshops, activities and events for the elderly.


Targeted Category:

Male and female elderly people. 

Time Table:


March 6th​___June 18th___July 17th___September 11t___ October 9th___ November 19th

Abu Dhabi

February 27th___March 5th___April 29th___September 24th

October 30th___November 19th


Abu Dhabi Gate

February 27th___ April 29th___June 17th___August 29th__

October 1s___November 25th

Al Shahamah

February 25___ May 14th___ June 24th___ July 16th__

September 10th ___October 8th


Al Wathba

February 25th___March 4th__April 8th___September 9th

October 1st___November 12th


​Al Ain

February 25th___March 4th___April 24th___May 14th

September 16th__November 25th

Al Hayer

February 18th___March 18th___October 1st___May 1st 

November 26th___September 4th​

Al Sho​waib

April 16th___ February 27th___September 25th___

October 1st___November 4th___December 17th


March 6th___ May 13th___ September 8th__October 1s

November 26th___February 13th



March 27th___May 8th___June 19th___October 1st___

November 27th___February 13th

A​l Wagan

March 19th___April 24th___September 23rd___October 1st

November 11th___February 18th

Al​​ Daher


April 29th___May 14th___October 2nd___October 1st___

November 20th___March 13th


Al​ Sila

February 18th___March 18th___March 20th___

November 13th___November 11th___ April 15th

Z​​ayed Cit

25t___April 8th__June 12th___September 10th

October 8t___March 20th

Al Marfa

​June 25th___September 4th___October 1st___

September 11th___April 18th___March 13th  


March 12th___October 1s___November 2


​October 2nd___June 25t___February 25th