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About fdf

Summer Forum

The Definition of the Programme:

The FDF organizes the summer forum (Kayez Wayana) according to its strategic plan, vision and objectives of focusing on establishing social values and instilling the Arab traditions in order to contribute to having an aware family and a coherent society. This is achieved through implementing programmes specialized in child-rearing, protection, care and preparation for the future in addition to promoting women's status to enable them to contribute effectively in economic and social development.


The forum includes various activities and events in a comprehensive and variant context of the social, cultural and health aspects. Also, it innovates an interesting style for investing the summer holiday, and it is the only one covering families' needs according to its members' ages and hobbies in a stimulating environment to invest talents and abilities under the supervision of efficient instructors.


The Type of the Programme:




  • Promoting the concept of social cohesion to families and society members.
  • Strengthening values and national identity to children and youth.
  • Establishing the importance of the material and moral heritage among youth and linking them to their ancestors' heritage.
  • Discovering youth's talents and contributing in developing them.
  • Investing optimally the summer holiday for children and youth.
  • Promoting healthy lifestyles among family members.


Implementation Mechanism:

Holding lectures and workshops.


Targeted Category:

All family members. ​


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