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About fdf

Family Meetings

​The Definition of the Programme:

Family Meetings Programme aims to identify families' needs in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, which contributes in achieving family stability and effective contribution to the society. This is achieved through promoting values of cohesion, unity and communication among family members. This programme supports sound family system that is based on respect, roles' integration and family stability. Moreover, it emphasizes the concepts of belonging and national identity.


The Type of the Programme:

Preventative and developmental.



  • Developing society members' relations with the FDF that is concerned with the society's affairs and issues in order to contribute to the society's cohesion and unity.
  • Supporting family bonding among family members through their group participation in these meetings.
  • Identifying family needs through effective participation in these meetings.

Implementation Mechanism:

Family meetings held to communicate with all family members from all categories in order to achieve basic understanding of their needs and fulfill them through designing purposeful programmes.


Targeted Category:

All family members.