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Enrich your Marriage Questionnaires

The Definition of the Programme:

This programme aims to raise the couple's awareness about their life's strength and weakness points according to a scientific methodological system that examines their marital relation's health and soundness besides measuring their compatibility. This is achieved through a standard questionnaire that measures many key areas affecting this relation greatly and directly, most important of which: communication and understanding, crisis management, resolving disagreements, affinity and intimacy mechanism, social and family life, personal habits and differences, roles and rights, financial affairs and healthy life style.


The Type of the Programme:

Awareness and preventative.



  • Raising the couple's awareness about the proper mechanism to identify their marital life conditions, measure their compatibility and satisfaction about their life together.
  • Strengthening the common factors between the participants and their life partners in addition to highlighting the strength points of their marital life.
  • Contributing to reducing the disagreements' severity between spouses and promoting the value of integration between them.
  • Establishing the foundations of a happy coherent family in the light of our humane Islamic values.


Implementation Mechanism:

  • Filling in the Enrich your Marriage Questionnaire in order to introduce the couple to the personality aspects of each one of them to achieve more compatibility and closeness to each other.
  • Discussing the questionnaire's final report with the couple while emphasizing the importance of strengthening the common principles between the couple, reducing the disagreements' severity between them, turning disagreement points into a potential of roles' and personalities' integration.
  • Advising the couple to attend training workshops of Enrich your Marriage Programme according to their needs.


Targeted Categories:

Couples who have been married for more than 3 years, from different groups of society (youth, adult women, adult men, the elderly), either males or females. 


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