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Children & Youth of the House Club

​The Definition of the Programme:

The idea of launching a children and youth club stemmed from the FDF's vision of sustainable social development that begins with taking care of children then youth and developing their skills, abilities and talents to prepare them for the future. The club provides a suitable social environment to attract children and adolescents; with a location equipped with the best means appropriate to the targeted age category and contributes to investing their leisure time. In this environment, there are a group of recreational educational activities and events that aim to equip them with specialized skills and knowledge that are offered by a selection of specialists, in addition to sports activities and modern technologies. This is achieved in a manner consistent with children's and youth's interests and physical, psychological, environmental, social and health needs and contributes to developing their abilities and equipping them with the positive behavioral skills. The club's events are annually concluded with honoring the participating children.

The Type of the Programme:

Preventive developmental.



  • Educating children about their rights, responsibilities and duties towards their country, family and society.
  • Identifying the talented children participating in the club and their talents' fields.
  • Supporting children's and youth's creative and innovative abilities.
  • Equipping children with the basic life skills and enabling them to apply these skills.
  • Equipping children with healthy and proper nutritional habits inside and outside the house.
  • Offering social, psychological and educational group and individual counseling to children.


Implementation Mechanism:

Interactive activities to learn through participation, interaction, role playing, using stories, competitions, drawing and figures' personification, fun interactive workshops, provided that they are consistent with the targeted age category.


Targeted Category:

  • Children in age group from 6 -12 years. ​



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