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Zayed library family development humanitarian intervention by a new electronic system for the classification and indexing


​​Zayed library introduced the humanitarian family development Foundation opened its Abu Dhabi April gate last April, a new electronic system for the classification and indexing through which library depends on attracting the audience and patrons who will be recorded electronically, said Sheikha Al-jabri, head of the The library team, in the library of the family development Foundation held a training course for members of her team, composed of 10 members to be trained on the new system to be qualified, noting that the library now includes more than 5000 book, that will change through industry provide an opportunity «metaphor» for anyone interested, whether A writer, or an intellectual, professional or Lector style letter knowledge.

She explained, that the visitor to the library can borrow and acquire knowledge through the book that enriches us with his experience, knowledge and human experience rich add to balance reader, because within each of us a book featuring a lot of information that Others can benefit Of them, the idea of «humanitarian» Zayed library as a new tributary streams of human knowledge and inspiring, it's a cultural place banner and Gnostic strives to support all community members in Abu Dhabi by hosting creative figures highlighted in the State and the Arab world, as well as by providing latest versions For the pioneers, books for researchers on development and the development of children by library to implement various activities and events including cultural salon, which is hosting prominent personalities, or group of people, sharing knowledge and experience through periodic meetings directly in the «library also provides humanitarian, bade The Salon also opportunities to identify and meet the creators of thinkers and literature and knowledge and debating with them, discuss them, through a programe entitled «Tuesday Talk », administered by monthly Dr Fatima Al mazrooei writer, in addition to exchanging views on social issues, literature, etc. Of Arts and knowledge tools And to empower the family and about the activities of the library, there are a variety of events, said Jabiri library, art gallery, and is an important window for support and development of Emirati and display various occasions masterpieces and participate in technical workshops that will give them opportunities Identify multiple experiences and technical schools, renewable, up to new ways of thinking and enhance the concepts of creativity and innovation, with the aim of highlighting new talent, either third effectiveness provided by the library titled, caravan (trip) Zayed humanitarian library organizes trips through knowledge Buses equipped with transfer students knowledge of library users to cultural venues in Abu Dhabi according to a specific schedule, register in advance, with a view to introducing cultural areas highlighted in the Emirate, such as museums, libraries, cultural institutions, and provide information about specialized topics.

Needs of society and the promotion of tourism Specialized cultural down to a national promotion Emirati culture, providing an interactive environment contribute to promote creative thinking and innovation between the library and its guests and welcomes humanitarian groups from Zayed library staff and students of universities, schools and community members wishing to Attend a specialized training workshops by age groups, and different needs, to provide extensive information about specialist topics according to the needs of society, the library also participates in various cultural events such as art exhibitions and Heritage events, hosting prominent winners Sheikh Zayed Book Award, in addition to continuing cultural programe​​ which includes a cultural evening, hosting exhibitions of prominent artists and performers in the State, besides implementing a monthly seminar on a specific issue, and explained that one of the goals of human cultural workshops activation Zayed library for children to create Cultured reader generation aware of what Orbiting. Jabri said: that our implementation of events for children, put some kind of protection against extreme destructive ideas that may affect their thinking for the future. ​