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Six programmes for Development Foundation promotes the role of the family in society


Family Development Foundation has launched several programs aimed at the whole family, interested in all age categories, so scorned institution its full potential and human energies to achieve everything, focusing on sustainability as a key factor that combines work and activities in order to contribute to a cure Important family issues that affect the stability of society, in partnership with government agencies and private, domestic and international.

Among those initiatives program «family Social Council», which is a preventive program development and strategic initiative came to meet family needs in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, and contribute to family stability and effective participation in society, through the promotion of the values of cohesion and coherence And communication between family members, the program also supports healthy family system based on respect and complementarity of roles and family stability, and stresses the concepts of belonging and national identity, and strengthen Community relations program of the family development Foundation dealing with administrative and community issues in order to contribute to the coherence and cohesion of society, and to support family cohesion among family members and to identify the needs of the family through active participation in activities organized by the Councils on the level Abu Dhabi.

among the programmes that interest in the program «family house blessing the future actors "from 13 until 26 November 2018, dedicated to the class of seniors, it also aims to enable older adults to accept aging and coping skills and compatibility with this Phase and strengthening the mechanisms for integration of the elderly in social life with different age groups and awareness program «what is marriage, which launches its activities in November 14, targeting the persons intending to marry young girls and their parents, the first preliminary step is to educate these Category for the next phase of life Foundation A new family, and develop a sense of communion in family life. the programme includes lectures, addressed to young people aged 19-24 years of gender, women and men, 25-35 years old, with the aim of giving persons intending to marry ability fateful decisions, stable families contribute to community development, And create a future marriage transition. as launches as of 29 October and even November 14/next November events program «balancing family and proper financial planning in enterprise centres in Abu Dhabi and Al Ain, in order to promote a culture of saving and promoting the concept of Sustain the family economy, and raise awareness of the importance of family planning and sound financial risks. in line with the strategic priority of promoting social and cultural concepts and values among young people and children and prepare them for sustainability goals in the Principality; launched Foundation program (youth house) Aims to provide young people with the knowledge and skills necessary for their success in accelerating global changes and their repercussions, it seeks to strengthen national identity, deepening feelings of self-esteem, and program activities began in July/last July and continue until November 20. Next November 9 enterprise centres spread over the city and its environs and eye Dhafra.

either program «our lives» has been designed as a self help program to help individuals to improve their relationships with family, relatives and friends and coworkers and study to enable them to develop their skills Social. ​​