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Family development training staff to listen to victims


Family Development Foundation recently conducted diploma hearing of child victims of violence and social reporting and judicial and health, in collaboration with Dr Binh Yusuf also will be incorporated into an expert clinical, educational and psychological compatibility expert captured the Kingdom of Bahrain, in order to enhance its strategy To qualify and train staff and enable them to realize the vision of the institution of sustainable social development, conscious and coherent society family and aims diploma to familiarize participants with concepts, strategies, and skills in writing reports on judicial social Case management and family problems professionally and denies mechanisms high professionalism, in addition to the study of physical and behavioral indicators and personal illness caused by child abuse, learn about the theory of good listening to different social situations. the programme also included material on Effective listening techniques, and how to call analysis, Read body language, logical thought processes during the interview, with each age group and how to deal with it, such as children or teenagers or young people or women or men, and at the conclusion of the training program, honored Mary Mohamed Al rumaithi Dr Binh bozion for its efforts during the training period that lasted five days. ​​