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Family development reveal the secrets of modern education


​​Family Development Foundation launches today the new parental relations program «secrets of modern education» through «» workshops dealing service education positive discipline with the aim of developing effective parenting skills, and implement this service in 6 centres of enterprise, and circulate to all centres in the Early 2019, to allow parents to acquire skills and knowledge to upbringing in accordance with best practices that have proven successful in psychological and social stability. The programme is aimed at parents and parents and specialists in different Ballet Center of magnanimity, followed by Abu Dhabi gate Center, as it is applied in sweihan Dalma goods stations. Nora said Mujahid, health education specialist in family development Foundation, responsible for parental relationship program, positive discipline education approach and method for raising children, a way of thinking based on the four principles of sound education centered on determining long term educational objectives, And providing warmth for the child, and higher plant positive family values and expectations. And she said loops service objectives are main goals, including the definition of parent education positive discipline principles and their impact on building a child's personality in all developmental stages, giving parents a positive discipline parenting skills for ongoing and positive relationships with children and young people, And enable parents and guardians and professionals of the positive methods of analyzing the behavior of children and dealing with problems, family and cognitive needs of children. She stressed that the program is about two episodes, the first episode will equip and empower parents and parents and professionals the skills and knowledge necessary to the upbringing healthy, while pursuing the skills acquired earlier in the second stage through open dialogue to discuss Success stories, exchange of expertise and experience of the participants, and review the challenges And find solutions. She noted that the new phase of the program will be implemented as a portal to apply from the beginning of the year 2019, which will provide continuous service throughout the year in all centres family development Foundation, is continuous service, discusses the needs of society, so as to deal with different axes during the episodes based on need and offers The software experts in family counseling. ​