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Collection and recording of cultural heritage in Abu Dhabi


A recent Forum hosted Tuesday at the library of the family development Foundation humanitarian Zayed in Abu Dhabi yesterday I Dr Aisha promising research advisor at the national archives, and spoke about her experiences in the collection and recording of cultural heritage and preservation methods and save. The poet evening ran Mira knew denominator guest evening and scientific and practical career bus. Dr Aisha: we once in a while to stand at last and when parents and grandparents heritage draw him wisdom and knowledge, past present and future of flame. Reviewed by photo collection on the history of the UAE and authentic heritage, adding that women have had a significant role, they are the carriers of civilization, were several women work alongside men, be treated patients and collecting firewood and water, the men were taking their judgment, despite the simplicity of the women in the 1960s The past, they have an active role. ​​