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A session of «family development» looking for intellectual security of youth and its role in the rejection of intolerance and extremism


The Youth Council of the family development Foundation interactive session to discuss «youth and intellectual security role in tolerance and the rejection of intolerance and extremism, coinciding with national festival for tolerance in Abu Dhabi of the Foundation, with the participation of a number of youth and youth councils. The meeting aims to promote a culture of tolerance among young people and to prevent intolerance and extremism and segregation, and promote the values of coexistence and respect for others through respect for cultural diversity, religious sectarianism, and promoting awareness of the values of tolerance, by late March Allah almighty Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, OK Allah rest his soul, and highlight the role of the State being an incubator for the values of tolerance and moderation and accept others. Dialogue initiated in youth meeting objectives and established the national programme for tolerance in UAE, which focuses on the Ministry's message of tolerance, which in turn is in the service of human society and highlighting the values and principles underpinning Dear Emirates March. Adding to the State's awareness of safe and tolerant society works by all members of society to achieve good and publish a tender sense of various kinds and areas without distinction nor discrimination between sex and another or between citizen and resident, the Emirate is the flagship model of coexistence and peace, with the State more than 200 healthy sex A life of dignity and respect, where all laws UAE justice scorned who lives on her land. ​​