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A school cmmunity,which applies the best educational and instructional standards​​​


Seeking an educational and instructional school society, which employs modern technology with an effective society partnership​​



Overview of Al Dhabiania Private School

The private school is one of the oldest projects adopted by the institution to promote the educational process. It started with nurseries in order to meet the needs of the students in the department of literacy and adult education, which was established after the establishment of the Association of Women's Renaissance in one year (In 1974). In addition, the mothers also wanted their children to complete their education in the same place so, in (1984-1985), the private school was opened with a license from the Ministry of Education and Youth.

The school started with one chapter for kindergartens and then expanded to 52 classrooms in the academic year 2017/2018 to include all the levels starting from KG 1 and twelfth grades. So, the number of students reached (boys and girls)
1209 students.​

Al Dhabiania Private School location


Al Dhabiania Private School
Abu Dhabi - Al Manaseer - Khalifa Bin Shakhbout Street
Tel .: 02-6678282
Fax: 02-6653374​​




Instruction for riding the bus safely

  1. Do not take the bus until it is parked, wait for your turn to climb and do not crowd at the entrance and sit in the nearest seat you find.
  2. Do not move and play in bus or Get out your head or hand from the window
  3. Do not try to get off the bus before making sure it is completely parked.
  4. If you get off the bus, keep a distance of 2 m so that the driver can see you before the bus moves.
  5. Always listen to the bus supervisor's instructions and advice because he Is responsibal for your safety.
  6. You should cross the bus from behind.


Studying Curriculum

The school applies Ministry of Education studying curriculum. The school enriches their students with enrichment activities in various subjects to support the basic materials and develop the skills of the students to become more suitable for what the labor market requires. As for the KG studying curricula, Family development foundation established their own curricula to suit the age of the student and deepen the skills of the twenty-first century and achieve the vision of the school by applying the best educational standards.​

Admission roles and application

​Age of acceptance:

For new students in grades 1, 2 and 2, the school follows the policy of Abu Dhabi Education Council's Special Schools Policy Guide, as the legal age for admitting new students to the school depends on the age of the student on 1 September of the same year.

Press on the following link to print the admission fourm:

Application for Admission.pdf

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