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Youth of The House (Shabab Al Dar) Programme


The Definition of the Programme:

In accordance with the strategic priority of promoting social and cultural concepts and values to youth and children and preparing them for sustainability objectives in the emirate, the FDF launched Youth of The House (Shabab Al Dar) Programme. This programme aims to provide youth with life knowledge and skills necessary for their success in the light of the rapid global changes and their impacts on them. This programme seeks as well to promote the national identity, strengthen self-esteem, expand knowledge and promote basic life skills to all youth in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi.


The Type of the Programme:

Preventive developmental.



  • Contributing to preparing a self- confident generation that is capable of self-management.
  • Promoting the value of patriotism to young men and women.
  •  Developing the participants' decision making and problem solving skills.
  • Establishing the value of individual and social responsibility in the participants towards their families, society and country.
  • Equipping the participants with positive conversation and communication skills.

Implementation Mechanism:

5-day interactive training workshops. The methodology of interactive activities and learning depends on participation, interaction and leisure activities.


Targeted Category:

Adolescent children (13 – 18 years). 


The Schedule of Implementing the Shabab Al Dar Program:


CenterImplementation DateDurationTargeted Category

Al Ain

School of almaali

12 April11:00-12:30pmGirls

Al Ain

School of om kulthom

17 April-Girls

Al Ain

School of excellence

19 April11:30-1:00 AMBoys
Ramah 17-19 September9:00-10:30 AMGirls


School of almbadi

17 April10-11:30amBoys

Zayed City

Governmental entity

3 may -Boys
4 may-Girls
Abu Dhabi ​July 17-199-12 AMGirls
July 24-269-12 AMBoys

Abu Dhabi Gate

Juvenile Welfare Centre

July 17-19-Boys

Abu Dhabi Gate

Zayed Higher Organization for Humanitarian Care & Special Needs

9-11 October10-1 AMGirls
Al Shahama ​July 17-1910-1 AMGirls
July 24-264:30-7:30 pmBoys

Al Shahama

Union school

18 October-Girls
Al Wathba July 17-1910-1 AMGirls
Al Ain ​July 17-1912-3 pmGirls
July 24-2612-3 pmBoys
Al Hayer ​July 17-191:30-10:30 pmGirls
July 24-261:30-10:30 pmBoys
Al Shuaib ​July 17-194:30-7:30 pmBoys
July 24-264:30-7:30 pmGirls
Sweihan ​July 17-195-8 pmGirls
July 24-265-8 pmBoys
Al Wagan ​July 17-195-8 pmBoys
July 24-265-8 pmGirls
Delma ​July 3-53-6 pmGirls
July 10-1210-1 pmBoys
Zayed City ​July 17-1910-1 AMGirls
July 24-265-8 pmBoys
Al Sila ​July 17-195-8 pmGirls
July 24-265-8 pmBoys
Ghayathi ​July 17-195-8 pmGirls
July 24-265-8 pmBoys
Al Marfa ​July 17-195-8 pmGirls
July 24-265-8 pmBoys