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​​​Sustainable social development for an aware family and a united community.


Civilized contribution to the development of the fields of sustainable social development and the achievement of well-being of the family and the community with high efficiency in the joint institutional performance.


​-  Developing strategies and plans and implementing specialized programs for upbringing.

- Establishing religious values and indoctrinating Arab traditions to ensure family stability and coherence of the society.
- Developing strategies and plans and implementing specialized programs for upbringing, protecting and caring for children to be well-prepared for the future.
- Seeking to assist, advance and empower women to effectively contribute in the economic and social development movement.
-Adopting innovative techniques to implement the policies that aim at caring for, developing and qualifying women and child to be in harmony with the country's social policy in cooperation with regional and international organizations.
- Adopting the justice and equality principles between men and women as well as partnership within the family to be in line with comprehensive development.
- Giving importance to controlling poverty and availing opportunities for women to participate in the labor market to increase the family income.
- Adopting the care and development projects that support maternity and childhood requirements.
- Advocating women's rights in all fields to ensure honorable family life in its capacity as the basic nucleus of the society.
- Finding appropriate mechanisms for the settlement of disputes and problems facing women and family in general through FDF or by way of authorization of a third party in this respect.
- Providing necessary care of all forms for the elderly people and endeavoring to integrate them in stable social life.